Faisal Kadiri

Public Relations Officer

Originally from India, Faisal was a former International Students' Officer and Vice-President for Student Activities at Queen's University Belfast Students' Union. Faisal has been involved in many progressive projects within the University as well as the Belfast region representing the interests of the international student community.

Faisal launched two successful initiatives 'The Culture Shock 2018' and a University-wide sporting competition called 'The Great Uni-Varsity 2018', created opportunities for students to integrate, socialise and showcase hidden talents.

Faisal was formally recognized by the Vice-Chancellor of Queen's University Belfast at the 2018 graduation lunch for his endless enthusiasm in adding culture, colour and creating a sense of belonging at the University. Along with his colleagues, Faisal had the privilege to receive the award 'The SU Officer Team of the Year 2018' at the NUS Conference in Birmingham.

Faisal intends to continue his excellent work in Belfast through sports & activities and has been appointed as a board member at Ethnic Minority Sports Organisation Northern Ireland.