Go Out Appreciate Learn Sports

Our GOALS project is designed to introduce people to different sporting activities in a more relaxed and safe atmosphere and to help them remain active in sports and physical activities with the aim to significantly eliminate the perceived justification of a lack of opportunity as a reason for not being active in sports.

This initiative produces different bespoke sporting activities with the lasting legacy of increasing participation and integrating migrants with the local communities. Our members are not only marginalised as players but also under-represented in coaching and we decided to initiate this project to provide platforms for people to get involved in sporting activities through our grassroot sport tournaments and events among diverse communities, families and cities in Northern Ireland to create pathways for bigger opportunities in sports. Sport can often be seen as a contest that must be won and this could ultimately drive some people away, especially those who consider themselves not particularly ‘good’ at sport. But we have a system in place that accommodates such people and they will never walk away. No matter the level of one’s skill, there is a place for you in sports and physical activities.

Our GOALS project serves as an integration hub where sports and physical activities are used as tools to build and sustain intercultural relationships and good relations.


Sustaining Cohesive Open Research-based Exchange on Sports

SCORES provides a forum for our community to engage in regular and cutting-edge conversations on sport and wellbeing related issues by putting the issues into perspective to build resilience, and to get a deeper understanding of the issues with the aim to make a real difference in sports. Engaging in these conversations is needed in our community to foster an inclusive culture that embraces diversity and inclusion, and to increase awareness and understanding around stereotype and cultural sensitivities in the sport workplace and communities.

We use this project to initiate conversations, research, and campaigns on social change in sports to influence the future direction of our society and reinforce progress towards an all-inclusive sporting community. We do not only plan to engage government and its departments in conversations to address racial imbalance in sport participation and performance but to also embed human rights and racial equality in the policies and practices of sport. Sport is both global and local, it brings people together from diverse backgrounds in a positive affirmation of shared interests and recognises our common humanity.

Not Alone

This project is designed as a place of sanctuary where diverse people, especially the newcomers and the isolated, can seek refuge through sports. Our ‘Not Alone’ project is to help people to settle down quickly into the society and help new community groups on how to navigate themselves within the system. It offers flexible platforms for visibility. It is always difficult for the newcomers, especially asylum seekers and refugees, to integrate but with the support of our allies, it has become easier for us to signpost our members and service users to opportunities ranging from volunteering to upskilling and support different people according to their specific sport needs.